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Creole Queen Heckraddampfer (RC-Bausatz)

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Marke Dumas Boats
Hersteller-Nr. ds1222
EAN 4025792133497
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Baubeschreibung und Planetxte nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar.

Looks can be deceiving, which is certainly the case with the Creole Queen. When you study the Creole Queen you could easily place her in the days of Mark Twain, wheeling down the Mississippi as onlookers sit fishing off the bank. In actuality, the Creole Queen was built in 1983 for the 1984 New Orleans World Fair. The fact that the Queen looks so authentic is no accident.

Even though she is powered by a powerful diesel electric propulsion system, the builders at Halter Marine took every precaution to make sure the Creole Queen had the look of the 1800s. The Dumas model of the Creole Queen is constructed of precision die-cut birch and mahogany plywood. The detail package included in the kit is immense. It has stampings, wood turnings, castings, plastic parts, and a 3 page decal set. For the more adventurous, the size of the Creole Queen leaves the door wide open for those modelers wishing to try less conventional powering methods. Live steam would certainly be a possible option. So if you have always dreamed of building your own working stern wheeler, the Dumas Creole Queen is for you.

Requirements: *reduced gear head motor that supplies the perfect speed to the paddle wheel

Technische Daten:

Länge 48 inches / 1200 mm
Breite 10 inches / 254 mm
Maßstab 1/4 in. to 1 ft. / 1:48

Benötigtes Zubehör für den Betrieb mit Fernsteuerung:

Antrieb Getriebemotor 50:1 zum Antrieb der Schaufelräder + Transmission Set
Fahrtregler Quicrun WP860 12V
Battery 2x 6V/3A Bleibatterie
Charger Geeignetes Ladegerät für Bleibatterien
Fernsteuerung Minimum 2 Kanäle mit Servos



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